Hail to the snowplow drivers, roofers, volunteers, temporary laborers and anyone else who has done their best to dig us out of the worst snowfall in Connecticut history. We might not set a record after winter is all said and done, but we certainly set a January record.

After the snow stopped, four black men shoveled off my building's roof. I heard their foreign accent and just assumed they were from Jamaica and made a joke about snow in Jamaica. That's when they set me straight. They were from Guyana, South America. Were they legal? Don't know, don't care. They did a great job. My wife offered to make them some hot coffee. The man who seemed to be their leader said, "Actually, may we have two teas, please."

We'll certainly have more snow, but I think the worst of it is over. The jet stream is shifting and the storms will likely go to the south of us and out to sea. Good for us but not good for Dixie. I heard, or read, that the insured damage in the Northeast will be equivalent to a hurricane. Right now, a hurricane sounds pretty good. A mild one, mind you. Love that warm rain. 

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