I think the Republicans in Congress and the people who voted for them are are brain dead, so they need to eat the brains of Democrats and independents to survive. Yes, that's right. They're zombies.

I'll give Boehner this: he's the living embodiment of conservative Republican thought: I got mine and I don't care if you get yours. Lose your job? Tough. Lose your house? Tough. Don't know any rich and powerful friends like me? Tough. Selfish? Hell yeah.

I lived in Dayton for 5 years and it was a progressive, exciting city back then very much interested in new ideas. An Italian guy I knew called Dayton "the Florence of Ohio," and I was pretty sure he was talking about Italy, not Florence, Kentucky, or Florence, Ohio. 

Of course, not everyone could stand that creative atmosphere, so the backward, ignorant people must've moved out to Boehner's district to the north, west and southwest area of the city. That's the only explanation I have of how this man could be elected to anything.

Either that, or everyone in his district is a zombie, too.

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