Here is the core of the Republican Party today: anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage, anti- immigration and anti-labor union. Anything else they claim is B. S. and their typical brand of hypocrisy. They say they want smaller government, but under their rule, the size of government exploded. 

They say they want a smaller deficit, but they put us in the red long before the current administration. They say they want prayer in school. They do, as long as it's Christian prayer. God forbid it should be a Muslim prayer. And sneaky? If they'd been up front about union-busting, they would've never been elected to office in 2010.

This modern Republican Party is the most despicable political party ever known to mankind in this country, and eventually it will take it's place alongside the Know Nothings, the Black Panther Party and the Communist Party. And not a minute too soon.  

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