Hartford Police Chief Daryl Roberts said it the other day, that the city has to lose its "no snitch mentality" if they want to put an end to the crime wave that infests our capital much too often, particularly all the unsolved murders. Until the people of Hartford take their police chief's advice to heart, the city will be held in terror by these hideous street gangs, punks, thugs, losers, these urban terrorists. Yes, that's exactly what they are, terrorists.

The "no snitch" attitude is so pervasive that it affects even the surrounding towns. My daughter saw a woman wearing a T-shirt that said "Don't Snitch." Where did she see this? One of the caregivers at her daughter's West Hartford day care center was wearing it.

In the old black and white movies, they called it "drop a dime" on somebody. That's when a pay phone call cost a dime. It meant to go to a pay phone, put in a dime, and call the police. Now, I think the phrase might be "drop a cell." Drop a cell to put a terrorist thug in a cell. It's the patriotic thing to do. 

The anti-terrorism mantra is, "If you see something, say something." Well, the patriotic equivalent is: "If you know something, say something." The Patriotic Hot Line is: 860-722-8477. If you know something, but don't tell the cops, you're not just a coward.  You're a traitor to the United States of America.

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