Ah, it's great to be drawing John Rowland again. Governor Dan Malloy implies that Rowland drove the state into the ditch when he signed a 20 year benefits package with the state unions. Malloy also refers to "those crazies" on afternoon talk radio. I assume he's talking about Rowland and his preacher buddy co-host, but there are so many crazies on afternoon talk radio to pick from it's hard to tell.


I've never listened to Rowland's show. I've heard enough about it to know I'm not interested. My policy is that I won't go on an extremist political show, radio or TV. I'm just not interested, nor do I care what their opinion might be. Anyway, if I go on one of those extremist shows, it would just add luster to their slimy broadcast. Lately, NPR seems to be inviting more conservatives on the air for discussions. That's where I hear the conservative argument, and on public radio, they seem to be on their best behavior.


Until now, I've pretty much gotten any news about conservatives and their opinions by listening to the "Daily Show with Jon Stewart" and a website called News Hounds whose motto is "We watch Fox so you don't have to."


I've read that Rowland has admitted on his show that the union deal was a mistake. It's a mistake the state is stuck with until 2017.  Way to go, John.





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