Over on Cagle.com we have great new collections on Obama Taking Office, Obama's Inauguration, Obama to close Gitmo, and "NO JOBS!"

Our weekly, MSNBC.com slideshow for last week, January 17 through 23, is up here.  If you ever miss a slideshow, there is an archive of all the past weeks slideshows here.

I was troubled to read about Mad Magazine going from monthly to quarterly, after their 500th issue.  They will also be dropping their new Mad Kids magazine.  It looks like everything in print is dying.

Take a look at Monte Wolverton's new blog.  Monte's father, Basil Wolverton, was one of the founding Mad Magazine artists - probably most famous for drawing the ugliest girl in the world.  I was surprised to see that Monte's dad also illustrated the Bible.

Cartoonist Brian Fairrington rips into Obama as the Media's Messiah, on his blog.

Brilliant caricature artist, Taylor Jones, just posted a huge piece on how to draw Obama.  Also, don't miss Steve Greenberg's new blog.  Now that we have our new blog.cagle.com WordPress servers online, we'll be inviting more cartoonists to do blogs with us.

We've been having trouble with our email newsletters and have been working on a new solution.  The newsletters should resume next week.  We know how our readers love the newsletters and we apologize for the interruption.