Here are some current cartoon highlights from around the Cagle Empire ...

We have a brand new collection this morning on the plane crash landing in the Hudson River.  For tomorrow (Monday) here is our collection of Martin Luther King Day cartoons.  And we're all set for Tuesday with our batch of Obama Inauguration cartoons.

Presidents by Taylor Jones.

Presidents by Taylor Jones.

Our Cartoon News blogger, Rob Tornoe, is on his way to Washington to join the huge inauguration crowd. Rob tells me he will be sketching the festivities.  Frankly, I think it is a little crazy to stand out in the frigid crowd, watching Obama speak on a giant screen TV, when I can sit, warm at home, and watch him in my living room.  See Rob's great, new, Cartoon News blog here.

We just got our new WordPress server going and we're starting to invite a few first cartoonist bloggers to start blogs with us. New on the Cagle blogroll is my cartoonist buddy, Steve Greenberg, who has an interesting post on the impending cartoon calamity in Seattle and Denver.

Also new on the Cagle blogroll is Taylor Jones, who has written his first post about a brilliant illustration he did this week for the Chicago Tribune, featuring Obama with a crowd of past presidents.

My co-editor cartoonist buddy, Brian Fairrington is blogging his goodbye to the religiosity of the Bush administration.

You can see my cartoon retrospective on the Bush presidency here. This is a collection of about 40 of my best cartoons about president Bush from the past eight years.  These were also made into an slideshow here, but interestingly, some of the most provocative cartoons, like Bush as a dog peeing all over the world, didn't quite make it when they were converted into the slideshow.  I guess some cartoons are just too strong even when the president is on his way out.  Notice the small ears and disturbing way I drew Bush back in 2000.  It pains me to look at those oldies.

Here's another bit of amusing editing that shows the extent of what editors want to hear from cartoonists. I did the blog post from January 13th as a column for the Treasure Coast newspapers in Florida.  See the edited column from the newspaper here.  Ouch.