I got this note from Mary Poole, Corky Trinidad's editor at the Honolulu Star-Bulletin.  Memorial cartoons from Corky's cartoonist friends in Hawaii are below.

My Corky memorial cartoon.

Hi, Daryl,

About 300+ people  attended Corky's funeral Mass on Sunday at the Newman Center on UH campus. It is a small Catholic center run by Jesuits, so small that packing in that many people probably violated several fire codes.

It was a nice service (including communion). The priest said he borrowed heavily from the obit written by Burl and other remembrances written by John Simonds and Ben Wood. I devoted the Sunday Insight (opinion section) to Corky. Two pages of his cartoons, one page for the cartoons by his friends and a "cartoon interview" that Burl did with Corky in 2001 before a showing of his artwork at a local gallery. All of that ran on Feb. 15. The next day I ran your cartoon and one by local graphic designer Alan Low.

I sent you all the cartoons by his friends. Dennis Fujitake, Dave Thorne and Gary Kato should be identified as co-founders along with Corky of the House of Cartoons, an organization, a club really, for Hawaii artists. Lots of young artists in Honolulu were members at one time or another...

Your cartoon was great. Thanks so much for doing it.

I miss him everyday when I look at our page template and stare at the blank hole at the top of the page.



Here's a link to the Star-Bulletin's Corky memorial coverage. The cartoons below are drawn by Corky's friends.

Clay Jones, who once filled in for Corky for a year at the Star-Bulletin, now at the Free Lance-Star of Fredericksburg, Va.         


Alan Low, Owner of Alan Low Design, a Honolulu graphic design company.    


Kevin Hand, a former Star-Bulletin graphic artist and cartoonist, now works for Newsweek.      


Gary Kato, Honolulu cartoonist, co-founder of House of Cartoons.


Dave Thorne, Hawaii cartoonist and co-founder of House of Cartoons

Jon J. Murakami, one of Hawaii's best-known cartoonists, draws a twice-monthly strip for the Star-Bulletin.

Dennis Fujitake, Honolulu illustrator and cartoonist, member of House of Cartoons