Our MSNBC.com Cartoon Week in Review Slideshow just went up, come take a look.

Steve Greenberg has an interesting post on the expected closing of the San Francisco Chronicle.  Taylor Jones' perspective and drawings on Slumdog Millionaire should not be missed.

We have new topical cartoon collections on Restructuring the Auto Industry and Lying Senator Burris.

Congratulations to Pat Bagley who won the Herblock Award this week.  The Herblock Award has quickly become the most prestigious prize in editorial cartooning, with judges who are genuine cartoon experts and a hefty cash award of $15,000.  It beats out the $10,000 Pulitzer Prize which has long been criticized for:having newspaper editor-judges who know little about cartooning (they know what they like); inconsistent or incomprehensible rules (web cartoonists are eligible, but only if their web site is associated with a daily, paid circulation print publication - not a site like MSNBC.com); and political considerations.  Cartoonists love to sit around behind beers and complain about the Pulitzer Prize; they don't complain about the Herblock Prize.

Pat sent me what he thought were his winning cartoons, and I posted them here. Then I heard from John Sherffius, last year's Herblock winner who was a judge this year, saying those weren't the winning cartoons, I should post different ones.  They are sorting it out.  Oh well, the cartoons in the Bagley Herblock section are very nice.  Whether they are the cartoons that won or not, only time will tell.