We often post collections of cartoons by my internet buddy and brilliant greeting card artist, Dan Reynolds. I was saddened to hear that Dan has cancer.  Visit our great collection of healthcare cartoons by Dan.  He sent me this note:

Hi Daryl,

I wanted to share with your readers a life experience I've been going through since last year.  In September 2008, I was diagnosed with the same type of cancer as Lance Armstrong"¦testicular cancer.  I've included cartoon work of mine that I'd appreciate your posting.  A lot of these were done while in my own treatment.  THere's also a message at the bottom, I'd appreciate you including.  If you want you can include the short description as well.

Long story short, I had a severe abdominal pain that brought me to the emergency room.  I had a 10-inch biopsy needle stuck into my inner core to obtain a tissue sample.  That along with a CAT scan, blood work, and a testicular sonogram determined my condition.  I then had to undergo an "orchiectomy", the removal of a testicular.  Since the cancer had metastasized into my abdomen, I also had to undergo what was to be one of the most traumatic experiences of my life"¦intense chemotherapy.  Since my cancer was an aggressive type, it had to be fought with aggressive chemo.  I received 6 to 7 hours of chemo Monday through Friday on one week (30-35 hours of chemo) and had the next two weeks to recuperate.  The chemo lasted over three months.  The doctor told me up front I would have to endure a more intense protocol than is usual for cancer patients.  That was the bad news.  The good news was that this type of cancer, if caught early enough, had a high cure rate.

The chemo was nothing you ever want to go through.  After every full week of chemo, I spent a week in bed in the fetal position.  The following week, I would gradually start to feel a little human, just in time to get another full week of additional chemo.  I received the chemo in a facility with a lot of medical people that took care of me.  I took every opportunity to share my love of laughter and cartoons.  I passed out many of my greeting cards to my fellow patients and to the staff. 

Since I've been off chemo (I still  am being monitored via CAT scans, blood work, etc.), I've made it one of my life's purposes to help others with cancer.  I've donated some of my original artwork to cancer benefits where I live.  One of my goals in "using humor to fight the tumor", is to help raise money and awareness (okay, that's TWO goals!).  I already have plans in progress with the Central New York chapter of the American Cancer Society to use my cartoon work to raise funds.  As part of this article, I would really appreciate the inclusion of the following short *blurb asking your readers to join my list of cartoon subscribers who receive my daily cartoon via email this year for only $10.  The proceeds for their year's subscriptions will be donated to the help in the fight against cancer.

If you would like to receive 365 REYNOLDS UNWRAPPED cartoons for one year (a cartoon-a-day delivered to your email box), please send $10 cash, check or money order to

Dan Reynolds
PO BOX 444 
Brewerton, NY 13029

or send at least $11 via pay pal using this info: [email protected]


Dan will donate proceeds to to the American Cancer Society.

Thanks, Daryl.