Everyone is disgusted by John Edwards, but it seems I don't have much company in my disgust for Elizabeth Edwards' book tour. I haven't gotten much e-mail on the cartoon, but I got a lot of response from Twitter; see some below the cartoon.

Matt Lauer said to Elizabeth Edwards, "Revenge is a dish best served in public," and she replied, "Well, I guess I agree with that statement, probably." Ugly stuff, combined with the need for so much attention and the profit motive of the book. The people on Twitter strongly disagree - and they take the old lady in my cartoon to be a caricature of Elizabeth Edwards.  Crazy.

pamelafurr@dcagle HELLO? She's terminally ill. What do you expect her to look like? JERK!

pamelafurr@dcagle Let her profit. I don't care. She's dying. You know? He on the other hand? I just want to punch him in the nose.

FrankStrovel@dcagle @pamelafurr Let the woman have her say. It's almost all she has left.

2NewCats@dcagle So she should just sit back,die a little more each day,not tell a soul about her book,gradually fade into the woodwork 4 his sake?

heldincontempt@dcagle Are you serious? The woman has terminal cancer. For you to imply that her looks are why Edwards strayed is so chauvinistic and rude.

nerdette@dcagle I'm not following you for your comment on Elizabeth Edwards. I would expect more intelligent commentary from you.

davidpowellClassy. RT @dcagle Going to watch Eliz. Edwards on Oprah -She's starting to look more creepy than John -often obvious why husbands stray.

wadesmom@nerdette Just so I understand, @dcagle plans to draw a cartoon of a woman who is nauseous from chemo. Have I got that right?

Bo_The_Dog@dcagle I know a thing or two about strays and hound dogs. Don't attribute John's ways to Elizabeth. She had cancer, man! Have you no couth?

RedIbis2@dcagle why are you intolerant of Elizabeth Edwards?

lostmarblesmartYikes! Blame the messenger! RT @dcagle Here's my brand new cartoon on Elizabeth Edwards: http://tinyurl.com/ra7bva

doctorious@dcagle At least his affair explains the obsession with "Two Americas." One America with Elizabeth and one with Rielle Hunter. =)

CorinneAM@dcagle Hm. Doesn't really tickle my funny bone....

MSM5467@dcagle Attacking the wife is just tacky! I'd do more than write a book! RT ncKathye: Elizabeth Edwards is impressive. John..not so much.

Redruby@dcagle re Eliz Edwards cartoon...don't think she appears to be all that old, so that point misses

TLOL@dcagle do you really think that or did you create it for those who do? just curious.

KittyBlowsGlass@dcagle - That's because you have to be a complete ***hole to criticize a woman whose mate f***ed around on her while she's getting chemo!

KittyBlowsGlass@dcagle - Even YOU can't be that dim-witted?! So many other targets deserving of your slashing pen - someone dying from cancer? NO!

heels@dcagle Make a cartoon of your pathetic need to degrade dying people.

CorinneAM@dcagle That's just lame.