I'll be moderating a panel of political cartoonists at the San Diego Comic Con again this year, on Sunday, JULY 26th, from 11:30am-12:30pm in ROOM 5AB.  Pat Oliphant will be there as a Comic Con special guest, and I'll invite some local editorial cartoonists again, but I was wondering if there are any cartoonists, whose work is featured on our Cagle.com site, from outside of California, who will be in the area for Comic Con, that I wouldn't have thought to invite and who would like to be on the panel - please let me know.

The Comic Con has gotten too big for San Diego, I understand the convention is already sold out.  I think it is time they moved to Las Vegas.  Cartoonists should still be able to get in, though, by registering as professionals.  I can be found at the Comic Con hanging around with my buddies at the National Cartoonists Society booth most of the time.