I haven't gotten many comments here, but I've been getting some nice e-mails about my Muppets post and I thought I'd put up a little more.

Most of my old Muppet work was pretty obscure; people remember the McDonalds glasses and, if they wore my Keds shoes or Timex watches, they remember those.  Two more that people seem to remember are: Post Croonchy Stars, the Swedish Chef cereal.  I did the puzzles and games that updated each month on the backs of the cereal boxes; kids read these as they ate their morning sugar.  I still have some boxes of Post Croonchy Stars in the garage, and I think they are still as fresh and edible as the day they hit supermarkets.

When little Muppet fans' baby teeth rotted from all that sugar, we were ready with my Muppet Oral B toothbrushes; these seemed to stay in the stores for about 20 years.

Oh, those were the days.