Cartoon by Jiho for the Nice-Matin newspaper in France.

Cartoon by Jiho for the Nice-Matin newspaper in France.

I got an e-mail from our Cagle Cartoons managing editor, Cari Bartley this morning.


I started getting calls from subscribing editors real early this morning. This would be odd for a Saturday, so I answered.  The last editor said that forcing his employees to search through the current cartoons could actually be construed as sexual harassment and get him in trouble.

I pulled the cartoon from the download site and attached the cartoon to this email.


It is pretty rare for us to censor a cartoon, but sometimes foreign sensibilities don't quite mesh with our American expectations.  This cartoon was drawn for the Nice-Matin newspaper in France by Jiho, who doesn't much care for Lance Armstrong.  Alas, no one here will see this charmer, outside of our blog.

The cartoonists upload their own cartoons to our syndicate site, without going through a censor (other syndicates censor first).  This rarely creates a problem for us, although editors often complain about having to look at cartoons that annoy them, that they don't print and would never have to suffer looking at from other syndicates.  Some cartoonists think we should never kill a cartoon in syndication, because it is up to the editors to decide whether to print it or not.  We've posted some offensive whoppers ... but sometimes ... well ...