A decade is a long time --and this is  a lot of cartoons!  See my selections of the decade here with more than 80 of my cartoons marking the significant issues of the decade starting off with Bush vs. Gore.

I drew the cartoon below when the Supreme Court selected George W. Bush as president.  I "defaced" the justices who voted for Bush and my newspaper at the time, the Honolulu Advertiser, refused to run the cartoon.  Ah ... memories.

The cartoon at the right gave me some trouble.  I drew it on the second anniversary of 9/11, which seems to have been too soon, as it drew some very angry reaction.

The cartoon below also garnered some angry reaction, with readers screaming that it was terrible for me to compare our nation's president with that evil murderer, Osama Bin Ladin.

Another cartoon below drew some furious reaction from Republicans who wanted to argue with every little fact in the mind of Republicans - not to say that I was wrong, but to point out all the things they disliked about Democrats. Click to see them all.