I wanted to pass along the happy news that Apple has finally approved our iPhone app, and it's available for download right now at iTunes.

Our new MSNBC Cartoons is very cool. It enables iPhone and iPod Touch users to see the newest editorial cartoons, updated in real-time as soon as dozens of the participating editorial cartoonists from our site finish drawing them. Browsing the cartoons is easy, as it's built to work just like iPhoto, with pinch zoom and tilt rotation features.  Users can even shake their iPhone to show a random cartoon!

Open the app when it is convenient to be online and you'll cache more cartoons each time, for viewing right away or at your convenience when your device is offline.

You can also share your favorite political cartoons by e-mail, or post them to your Twitter and Facebook pages, without ever having to leave the app.

It has more cartoons, more often, than any other app out there, and it's free!

Click here to download the app!

Here's a video we put together showing how the app works:

And here are some screenshots: