We have a policy on our site that we don't edit cartoons for content.  When we accept cartoonists on the site, we post all of their cartoons.  Should we edit the cartoons? Here's a new one from one of our regulars, Emad Hajjaj, a top cartoonist in Jordan, along with a reader email urging us not to post the cartoon below.


I have enjoyed your editorial cartoon collections for many years, it is really a great site.  There have been a few occasion when a cartoon would offend and anger me, but   what I saw on your site this week caused me a different reaction : complete bafflement.

I am talking about Emad Hajjaj "cartoon" named "Israeli stole organs of wounded & dead Palestinians.  I am not going to talk about it's subject.  You certainly know as well as me that this disgusting rumor is an ugly fabrication of a Swedish tabloid; even it's own editors and it's alleged palestinian source admitted that it had no ground . Which will make no difference, of course, but that's our world.

I am not going to talk about Mr. Hajjaj.  I used to respect the his art despite the fact that his views were more than different from mine;  I certainly didn't expect something that low, idiotic, despicable   and obsene from him.  But apparently that's Emad Hajjaj.  Maybe one day his greatest fear will be a thought that his grandchildren will find out about this drawing.

What I don't understand, is what does it do on YOUR site?  Certainly if Dr. Goebbels had a website this drawing would be its centerpiece.  But why did YOU publish it?  There have to be SOME explanation, some reason why you wanted it shown under your heading - even if it means  helping to spread a murderous rumor and bringing to yourself the disgust and revultion of many readers.  You wouldn't publish a KKK drawing of a black person as an ape or cannibal, or a child pornography picture , would you?  Then - why?

Don't you think it needs to be explained to your readers? Hope to be able to check your blog.

Boris I. Bronfine, MD.