Last week I drew a cartoon on the value of the dollar being chipped away.

I've drawn a lot of dollar cartoons over the years, and George Washington often suffers for it ...

Here's George struggling with the sinking dollar - something that other cartoonists have surely drawn dozens of times, but it was new to me the first time I drew it.

This frightened George Washington oldie was a magazine cover that I also used for the cover of one of our Best Political Cartoons of the Year books.

Here's poor George Washington getting slugged by China's Mao.

I drew this many years ago.  China has been buying up America's debt for a long time.

More recently China has been vocal in complaining about the value of the dollar and America's huge debt, that they continue to gobble up, so I revised my old panda to express China's new sentiments.

One problem with cartoon dollars is that it is hard to draw billions and trillions of them.  Here is Obama wasting money on the bank bailout - I only wish I could have drawn the dollars in the proper scale.