Click here to make a contribution to save Bill Day!

As our campaign to help unemployed cartoonist Bill Day from losing his home enters its third week, we need your help more than ever to achieve our goal of raising $35,000.

Bill Day's most recent cartoon

So far, we've raised over $23,000, but we're also at the point where many campaigns start to lose steam. Don't let that happen to Bill!

If you haven't donated yet, please consider doing so today. Not only would you be helping one of America's top political cartoonists continue working, you can receive some great gifts in return, such as an eBook featuring Bill's work, a signed print or even an original piece of Bill Day artwork.

Click here to make a contribution to save Bill Day!

If you have already contributed, consider forwarding this post to a friend or co-worker, or sharing it on Facebook and Twitter. With Christmas approaching, what better gift can someone give than helping a brilliant cartoonist in his time of need?

Thank you again for your generosity and commitment to political cartoons! The outpouring of support for Bill has been tremendous, and if we can keep this momentum going, I’m sure we’ll be successful in keeping Bill drawing!