Here are my most recent cartoons and the sketches that, for some reason, you like to see.  The first one is on Obama's apparent transformation into a more liberal Obama in his second term.  First the pencil sketch.

2ndTermSketchThen I trace the sketch for line art on vellum.  This is what most people see in the newspapers that still print in black and white.

Line2ndTermTransformation... and here it is in color.

600Wide2ndTermTransformObama also seems to be getting more of a spine.  Here is the previous cartoon, on Hillary's testimony in congress.

That's really Hillary's testimony in the small type in her speech balloon, and that's what she was really thinking in the thought balloon. Hillary is fun to draw, and the glasses are great.

At the right is my most recent cartoon about Defense Secretary Panetta's announcement that all areas of the military, that had previously been closed to women, will now be open to qualified women - a change that is long overdue.

We have a great collection of cartoons on Women in Combat - come look!