Opinion Columns

Game On!
Making Sense, by Michael Reagan Well, Democrats in Washington did it. They unilaterally passed a $938 billion health care plan that was overwhelmingly disapproved by ... Read More
Census 101
"I'm a busy person. Why do I have to fill out this U.S. Census form anyhow?" "The U.S. Constitution says that every 10 years, the ... Read More
Life Before Politics
Making Sense, by Michael Reagan Anyone that knows my politics understands that I consider myself pro-life; however, as I have written often, I also recognize ... Read More
Kooky Kabuki Terrain
Raging Moderate, by Will Durst This health care thing has driven people crazier than Johnny Depp in a Max Fleischer cartoon on acid. Pro or ... Read More
Expert Advice
It's frightening, if you want to know the truth. I speak of the reversal of fortunes in the housing market. Research firm First American CoreLogic ... Read More