With over 500,000 members and supporters of Citizens United, my organization and I have always proudly supported our troops who fight to preserve our freedoms in the battle against Islamic global terrorism.  In the 2009 documentary Perfect Valor, Citizens United told the story of brave marines, a nurse, a doctor, and a chaplain, all fighting in Operation Phantom Fury, the battle for Fallujah.

Arcadio Esquivel / Cagle Cartoons

Once labeled by Staff Sergeant Jeremiah Workman as the “most dangerous city on Earth,” thousands of al Qaeda fighters flocked to the city and dug in for bloody battles. Perfect Valor is the story of the price paid by U.S. Forces and the legacy of that campaign as seen through the eyes of the men and women who were there risking their lives in service to their country. Many Iraqis are alive today because of the Americans who died in Fallujah defeating terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi’s base of operations, and our heroic troops helped give a nation a chance at democracy.

But that was then, and this is now. Thanks to Campaigner-in-Chief Barack Obama and  jet-setting former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy bungling, Fallujah, along with Ramadi, are now in the hands of an al Qaeda’s offshoot known as the “Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.” Now, there is a completely open border with another Obama foreign policy blunder- Syria. After more than a 90% drop in violence in 2009, now the monthly death rate in Iraq is the highest since the end of the surge in 2008 (8,868 total deaths in 2013, according to United Nations estimates).

The reason for the dramatic increase in violence in Iraq is clear: as soon as the last American soldiers left because of Obama’s political decision to keep his left-wing base happy, the Maliki government immediately moved to suppress the Sunni elements in the country. In recent weeks, this tension has intensified and America, the world’s only super power, has stood by leaderless while our enemies undo the incredible work of our troops.

By not acting sooner, a chance to rebuild a stable country was blown. Not only is Fallujah an unprecedented disaster, but Mosul, the major city in the Northern region could fall and vicious battles are being waged throughout the Anbar Province - a thinly-populated region which has the goal of creating a Sunni religious state along Syria's rebel-controlled eastern provinces.

As I am writing this, the latest report is the fledgling Iraqi army has deployed tanks and artillery to face the al Qaeda-linked enemies. It is not clear how long Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and military leaders can hold up an offensive to give people a chance to push the militants out before the military has to storm in and experience serious levels of causalities. Amid the chaos, Sunni tribesmen from the area are fighting on both sides.

Thanks to the incompetent foreign policy of the Obama Administration, the civil war in Iraq is here and will only get worse. American troops fought and died to protect a strategically important city, and now their heroic deeds are being tarnished and wasted.  In the eyes of the world, America has never looked weaker.