Today, President Obama will give his sixth State of the Union Address to a joint session of Congress and the American people. The text of this speech might be new, but the pattern of deliberately lying and deceiving the public is more of the same. Here’s what to keep a look out for in tonight’s speech that the liberal press will praise him for and “report” on, and the reality of what the President is actually saying.

Rick McKee / Augusta Chronicle

The President will explain his new push for Executive Action, his Administration’s plan to bypass Congress in order to enact President Obama’s otherwise unpassable pet projects. This announcement is coming on the heels of a new poll showing that 63 percent of Americans have ‘no confidence’ in President Obama to make the right decision. Expect the mainstream media to give President Obama a complete pass on this plan to change policy unilaterally, and please just take a moment with me to imagine the media’s reaction if a Republican President were to announce such an initiative.

If a conservative President were to announce that they were going to completely bypass Congress in order to pass what they wanted without any pushback from Congress, the mainstream media would pounce immediately. They would refer to them as an “Imperial President”, call them a “King” and slam them for not using the democratic process instituted by our Founding Fathers to protect the American people from once again living under a monarchy-style of government.

There would be hand-wringing and a flood of articles written about how this is the end of democracy as we know it. With President Obama, you can expect the mainstream media to attack the conservative-leaning House of Representatives for “obstructionism”, and preventing President Obama’s legislation from passing time and time again. A House of Representatives, I might add, that the American people have voted two times to be run by a conservative majority.

Rather than realize the American people don’t want his far-left policies, and start to work with Republicans to pass legislation that both sides can agree on, President Obama plans to completely ignore the will of the people and forge ahead with what he wants to do. Were a Republican President to do this, the press would be screaming at the top of their ivory towers that this was some sort of injustice. Expect to hear nothing of the sort when President Obama announces these plans tonight.

The President will also bring up immigration in his speech and perhaps echo the words of his new Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson when he said recently that illegal immigrants have “earned the right to be U.S. citizens”. First of all, that is categorically untrue and statements such as these are a huge slap in the face to all of those who did in fact earn their citizenship by doing the hard work of becoming a citizen legally. We are about to experience another push by the Obama Administration and the Republican Establishment for amnesty for the eleven million illegal immigrants living in the United States today. Do not let Speaker Boehner and his allies off the hook. There is no quick fix to this issue, and rewarding around eleven million people for their illegal behavior is not the answer to our problems, it will merely create more of the same. Stand with me in holding those pushing amnesty accountable to the American people.

In addition to these new “calls to action”, expect a lot of things you have heard before in past State of the Union Addresses. The President will be complaining quite a bit about Congress and how we need to combat climate change and invest in infrastructure (spend more of your money). The mainstream media will conveniently forget that he has been President for the past five years and has completely refused to work with Congress to get things done, but instead sat in the White House and complained that Congress won’t automatically go along with all of his “plans”, no matter how much the American people oppose those plans.

It has been a hard six years, and I know it can be exhausting fighting so hard for your principles, but we simply cannot give up this fight. Raise your voice with me and stand for what is right, and push back against the media as they give President Obama yet another pass.  The war against Obama’s liberal policies is not over, and we cannot lose heart. The 2014 elections are just around the corner, and we can show the Obama Administration once again what we think of their failed policies. Even if the media chooses to give him another free pass on the night of the State of the Union.