In the last few weeks, the world’s attention has been fixed on Ukraine. This activity is just another event in a long series of global crises over the course of the past several years. The world is watching and waiting on the United States, as our Nobel Peace Prize-winning President continues to sit back and allow evil to go unchallenged on the world’s stage.

Rick McKee / Augusta Chronicle

While Obama and his liberal allies may think the Cold War is ancient history, Putin appears to disagree. Not only does he disagree, he is challenging Obama by advancing into Ukraine. The Russian autocrat is taking advantage of Ukrainian instability and American weakness to seize the strategically-important Crimean Peninsula in southern Ukraine. While it’s true that most of the residents of Crimea are ethnically Russian, the area has been part of the Ukraine since the end of the Cold War and the Russians have no right to take it.

It’s no secret that Putin is bent on restoring Russia to great-power status, establishing an exclusive sphere of influence in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. If Russian aggression is allowed to go unchecked and uncontested, Putin will gladly push the United States out of the way completely in these critically-important strategic regions.

We are already seeing just that happening. Putin seems completely undeterred by President Obama’s threats, for as everyone knows, they are as hollow as his campaign promises.  It wasn’t long ago Obama drew a red line in Syria only to stand by as Syrian dictator Bashar al Assad brazenly crossed it. That sorry bit of diplomacy is just the sort of weakness that global bullies like Putin are waiting for.

Obama’s weakness in Syria showed the Russian strongman that key areas of the world are ripe for the taking, and that all he need wait for is the right moment of instability and take President Obama right out of the game.  I am not advocating for force in Syria, far from it, but what comes out of President Obama’s mouth matters.   When President Obama abandoned his own words in the Syria crisis, the immediate effect was that America is afraid to act in the world, a message that Putin heard loud and clear.

President Obama has diminished the authority of the presidency since he took the oath of office.  Once revered as the most powerful position in the world, President Obama now sits in between two ferns with an actor from the “Hangover” movie to pitch the disastrous Obamacare to young people.  America needs a president that will be respected throughout the world and not on entertainment news.  The world is watching Mr. President; it is time to act presidential.