Once again we are confronted by the lawlessness of the Obama Administration. This time it comes to us in the form of yet another impending delay of the disingenuously named Affordable Care Act (ACA).  Conservatives have been saying there’s nothing affordable about it.

Rick McKee / Augusta Chronicle

Another surge of policy cancellations were set to occur this year due to the law’s arbitrary regulations regarding what benefits insurance plans must contain; but it appears there is to be another suspension of the rules. Sources indicate that a forthcoming directive from the White House will further modify the existing health care law to allow insurance companies to continue offering certain plans the Administration had deemed “substandard”, but millions of Americans not only had these policies, they preferred them.

This delay sadly comes as little surprise as it follows numerous (possibly illegal) unilateral alterations made by the executive branch to Obamacare. Just less than a month ago the Obama Administration delayed an employer provision to push potential problems past this election cycle to avoid impending electoral disaster. The coming change, though still unclear as to specific details or even a timeframe, follows the same reasoning behind previous alterations. These executive fiats are naked attempts to protect vulnerable Democrats in the House of Representatives and Senate from the detrimental effects of a law they decided to pass before they ever bothered to read it.

This power grab is at a cost to the citizens they are supposed to represent, and a Constitution they have sworn to uphold and defend. To the Obama Administration and their allies, it is okay if the law damages some of the American people, but not if it would cost the people that voted for it.

It appears the American public cannot trust the White House to faithfully implement its own signature piece of legislation. Why?  Because it has been an unmitigated disaster that is hurting Americans every day and the White House is conducting damage control to protect President Obama and his democrat majority in the U.S. Senate.  American people are not fooled; the latest Gallup poll has the disapproval rate of Obamacare at 51 percent.

Come November, Americans will speak up for their healthcare and give a bad prognosis to Senate Democrats.  Election Day is not a date Senate democrats can change