Time and time again, we hear President Obama and his allies declare that Obamacare is “settled,” that it’s the “law of the land,” and how conservatives should stop litigating his signature piece of legislation. I happen to find this attempt at silencing its critics particularly amusing, seeing as President Obama refuses to stop arguing about our landmark Supreme Court case, Citizens United vs. FEC.

Rick McKee / Augusta Chronicle

Everyone from Harry Reid, Kathleen Sebelius, and the White House’s mainstream media reporter-turned Press Secretary Jay Carney has declared that Obamacare is no longer up for debate. They demand conservatives should stop pointing out the inherent flaws of the failed legislation and how it is wreaking havoc in our nation’s health care system. Yet years after the Supreme Court’s ruling in our favor, in Citizens United vs. FEC, President Obama and his liberal friends cannot move past the decision even though they utilize the benefits ruled by the case while decrying its existence. The duplicity is staggering.

Not only have his friends stood alongside him in slamming our Supreme Court victory years after the fact, they have repeatedly mocked those who seek to undo Obamacare legislatively. The President and his friends in Washington, D.C. have gone to the mainstream media repeatedly to openly criticize attempts by members of the Republican Party to vote to repeal Obamacare. They do this in spite of the fact that President Obama suggested passing an amendment to overturn Citizens United vs. FEC.

It is hypocrisy of the highest order for President Obama to spike the football on Obamacare and declare the law settled when they have controversial enrollment numbers with an unidentifiable number actually paying their premiums, millions losing their health care coverage, state exchange directors from five states resigning over Obamacare rollout failures and with the majority of Americans STILL opposing the law itself.

The First Amendment, being settled law for over two centuries, applies to all facets of American life. Americans have the right to exercise their freedom of speech regarding concerns with legislation just as President Obama is able to exhort his disdain, through the “free” press, toward the Citizens United vs. FEC ruling.  It would be refreshing to see some consistency from the President and his followers. Amidst numerous unilateral modifications made to Obamacare by the current administration the final decision of Citizens United vs. FEC has stayed constant. Citizens United is committed to upholding all constitutional principles without reservation and will continue the fight for liberty.