This past week, the Obama Administration’s State Department has had one of their more disastrous weeks to date. You wouldn’t know about any of this, because the mainstream media doesn’t seem to think it’s big news, but we do.  It all began Thursday with a tweet from Jen Psaki, former Obama 2008 and 2012 campaign staffer-turned State Department Spokesperson. Her tweet read: “The world stands #UnitedforUkraine. Let’s hope that the #Kremlin & @mfa_russia will live by promise of hashtag”.

Arcadio Esquivel / Cagle Cartoons

The last part of that tweet is incredibly upsetting. Is that what has become of our State Department? That we expect our enemy to respect the “promise of hashtag”? It’s no coincidence that our reputation on the world’s stage is taking a major hit. Fast forward a few days, to Secretary of State John Kerry’s latest comments accusing Israel of heading toward becoming an “apartheid state,” just one day after Holocaust Remembrance Day.

When I first saw these comments from our Secretary of State, I must admit, I was speechless. Any other Secretary of State, in any other Administration, would have been fired for such a comment. The media firestorm that would ensue if a Secretary of State in a conservative administration had said these things would have been unparalleled. And yet, most Americans don’t know these comments ever took place unless they were looking for them.

Not to be outdone, Jen Psaki took to twitter and defended her boss’ statements using none other than far-left liberal blogs to make her case. I wouldn’t expect anything more from someone from Obama’s campaign team, but it’s incredibly sad that it’s come to this. There is too much at stake in today’s global climate for our State Department to be in shambles and open itself and our nation to mockery and disrespect from other nations.

Another lesson that can be learned from this entire fiasco is that we cannot put people in positions such as State Department Spokesperson merely because they worked on a winning campaign or for the President in another capacity. One must be qualified in that specific arena in order to serve there. Jen Psaki and her boss John Kerry are clearly in way over their heads, and it’s time for new leadership at the State Department.

Making these changes would be a sign to our allies and our enemies that our nation is once again serious about foreign relations, and our global reputation. Statements like Kerry’s about our biggest ally, and Psaki’s irresponsible quotes being released via her twitter feed cannot go unaddressed. The mainstream media may not be talking about it, but world leaders have taken notice. It’s time for the Administration to act, and to right this wrong.