Monday was a wonderful day for religious liberty and freedom. The Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision in the Burwell v. Hobby Lobby case decided in favor of Hobby Lobby.  This corporation was fighting against one of the Obamacare mandates stating employers must provide employees with contraception and abortifacient coverage. The Court upheld and used the 1993 bipartisan bill called the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) which protects an individual’s right to practice whichever religion he or she may choose as precedent in this particular case. Justice Alito wrote on behalf of the majority in the much-anticipated decision, “We doubt that the Congress that enacted RFRA — or, for that matter, ACA — would have believed it a tolerable result to put family-run businesses to the choice of violating their sincerely held religious beliefs or making all of their employees lose their existing healthcare plans.”

Rick McKee / Augusta Chronicle

In yet another blow to Obama’s marquee “achievement” – Obamacare – the high courts ruled to uphold our First Amendment rights instead of siding with a mandate that clearly impedes on our most basic religious freedoms. This court decision does not say that businesses may not offer contraception coverage to employees. It simply disarms the mandate imposed by Obamacare stating employers MUST offer coverage of abortifacients or treatments which violate one’s tenets of faith.

Much like the Citizens United v. FEC case, the Supreme Court voted to uphold the First Amendment and allow businesses to use their own judgment and make their own decisions, rather than having to follow rules forced by an out-of-control Big Government. As much as the Obama Administration would love to continually trample the Constitution and disallow Americans to use their own conscience, the Supreme Court has remained steady in standing up for the laws our Republic is founded on.

Since Obama’s inauguration there has been a consistent effort to whittle away at our individual liberties and force Americans to live under the government’s guise. Thankfully the separation of powers does still exist and is able to keep our Executive Branch in check. By citing The Religious Freedom Restoration Act, the Supreme Court found that there is no constitutional legality in forcing business owners to provide contraception and Monday the Obama Administration was reminded very publicly.

With this decision made by the Supreme Court, the President and his allies on the Left are trying to focus the debate on birth control, which couldn’t be farther from the truth. Hobby Lobby provides sixteen out of twenty forms of birth control mandated by Obamacare. This case was about Hobby Lobby’s right to refuse to cover abortifacient medication (spontaneous abortion pills) that was in direct conflict with their Christian faith. What brings joy to my heart, and strikes fear into the heart of Leftists is that the Court and this country are moving in a direction which not only values, but upholds the right to life for the unborn.

The White House’s reaction to the High Court’s decision was further proof that Obama and his Administration are so ignorant and lawless that even a ruling by the Supreme Court is not enough. Unsurprisingly “the executive branch will consider whether the president can act on his own to mitigate the effect of the Supreme Court ruling, the White House said.” Clearly this Administration is not willing to concede that a very contentious portion of Obamacare has been deemed unconstitutional.  At Monday’s White House Press Briefing, Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters, “Today’s decision jeopardizes the health of women employed by these companies.”This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Monday’s Supreme Court decision simply held up the First Amendment as well as the right for each and every business and each and every American to use their own conscience and make their own decisions – something the government hates.