“The number of illegal immigrants apprehended at the border in the past nine months is more than double last year’s total.” This is the crux of the crisis we are dealing with at our Southern border right now. A seemingly endless wave of unaccompanied illegal immigrant minors are flooding the Rio Grande Valley, telling border agents that there are thousands who are still coming.

Rick McKee / Augusta Chronicle

The men and women who are responsible for securing our border are now spending their time processing the 60,000 and counting illegal immigrants who have made their way to our border with Mexico over the course of the past nine months. It all boils down to this simple fact: these people know our border patrol agents are powerless to stop them because we have a President who has no interest in enforcing the law. So long as that is the case, they will keep coming.

Not only does the President have no intention of stopping illegals from entering the United States, he is sending a clear signal to those crossing the border to come on in by requesting $3.7 billion to fund “emergency” spending to assist the unaccompanied illegal immigrant minors. This act doesn’t just make it clear that the President of the United States has no plans to deal with, or stop this crisis at the border, but now he is spending even more taxpayer dollars to force those who are already struggling in the Obama economy to literally pay for his misguided and dangerous agenda - yet again.

People flooding into this country illegally knowing full-well that the President of the United States won’t lift a finger to stop them. This isn’t all by chance, this is intentional, and it’s appearing more and more to be a very coordinated effort. We as a nation can’t afford the massive illegal immigrant population we already have, let alone tens of thousands of additional unaccompanied minors which will soon become hundreds of thousands if nothing is done.

I have been saying for years that we need to finish the fence and make it a priority. This crisis is exactly why conservatives like myself made securing our borders our policy first before we had any other national discussions about comprehensive reform. This is what the liberal ideology has brought us, and it is no accident. And this is why conservatives need to continue to speak up. If we keep the pressure on, it will hopefully force the media to ultimately cover this issue in an honest way and begin to form a coalition to secure the border as a national security concern.

The crisis on the southern border is spiraling out of control.  Nobody should be surprised at President Obama’s lack of leadership during this crisis.   It is emblematic of his entire presidency, and will be yet another exclamation point to the failure of his administration.