Today, President Obama will chair a United Nations Security Council meeting in New York City. In an effort to show that the U.N. is actually doing something to combat terror, The New York Times is reporting that Obama will try to “adopt a binding resolution that would compel all countries to put in place domestic laws to prosecute those who travel abroad to join terrorist organizations and those who help them, including by raising funds.” The resolution itself is unsurprisingly not very threatening or imposing.

Gary McCoy / Cagle Cartoons

Far too often President Obama has relied on the U.N. where real American leadership is needed. Even though America and our Arab allies are dropping bombs in Syria and Iraq right now to go after the ISIS threat it seems to me that this meeting of U.N. leaders is a way of taking other action through diplomacy and suggestion rather than actually doing anything of substance. Simply, this resolution being proposed is a paper tiger that is not binding.

It is one thing to make suggestions as to what should be done if a citizen of your country has pledged to join a terrorist organization, and something entirely different to lay out an actual plan of action against these said-traitors. While this U.N. effort may seem questionable, there are many world leaders who are simply choosing not to be a part of Obama’s initiative and instead focus on…global warming.

It is a very sad state of affairs when many leaders are more focused on “climate change” rather than the imminent threat of an ever-growing army of insurgent terrorists sending direct threats to countries and their leaders. For example, our very own Secretary of State John Kerry likens the threats posed by climate change to threats posed by ISIS. According to The Hill, in a recent meeting with foreign ministers Kerry stated global warming is “creating climate refugees” and “[climate change] also has an immediacy that people need to come to understand, but it has even greater longer-term consequences that can cost hundreds of billions, trillions of dollars, lives and the security of the world.” Comparing terrorists to a belief that our planet is on a warming-trend is ludicrous.

The two most notable leaders missing out on the climate change U.N. meetings were Chinese President Xi Jinping and Indian Prime Minister Narenda Modi. According to the Washington Post, “In empirical terms, it’s hard to think of two more important leaders in the world right now: Together they lead more than 2.5 billion people, more than a third of the world’s population.” It is a complete joke that the U.N. is focusing on climate change when two of the most populous countries on the planet do not even participate. Unfortunately, it is just more of the same for the dysfunctional U.N.

Nearly ten years ago now, Citizens United put out a documentary film entitled “Broken Promises.” The movie is focused on the U.N.’s mishandling of tribal conflicts in Rwanda resulting in mass killings which the U.N. ultimately completely failed to thwart. Sadly, “Broken Promises” is still ringing true in 2014. Ebola has broken out on a scale the world has never seen before, Syria is being taken over by terrorist cells and yet again, the U.N. is caught empty-handed when the world is looking to them for help. The U.N. is just a giant bureaucracy that does not get anything done. Americans need to take note.