On Tuesday, Citizens United’s right to distribute our newest documentary Rocky Mountain Heist in the state of Colorado was affirmed.  The District Court for the District of Colorado had refused to treat our documentary as a standard media product. That decision had imposed on our First Amendment rights and would have required Citizens United to file burdensome campaign finance reports – something no other media entity is ever asked to do.

We filed an immediate appeal with the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals.  On Tuesday the Court issued an emergency injunction in our favor. The 10th District Court of Colorado unanimously ruled 3-0, finding that we can indeed air Rocky Mountain Heist in the same manner as any other media entity. Put simply, our film and its message are at the core of political speech protected by the First Amendment. For far too long Colorado’s campaign finance laws have burdened some speakers while protecting others.

Rocky Mountain Heist sheds light on how the once-Red state of Colorado was transformed into a reliable Democrat stronghold. This documentary reveals the truth behind the “Gang of Four” – a secretive group of Leftist millionaires and billionaires who hijacked Colorado politics. The result was a restructuring of the once-reliable Red state. Now, homelessness is at an all-time high, marijuana is smoked in once family-friendly parks, gun control is rampant and the state’s energy industry is under constant assault.

Unfortunately, the State of Colorado is now a perfect example of President Obama’s promise to “fundamentally transform America.”  The most disturbing aspect of this Colorado “heist” is this model is being replicated across other reliably Red states such as Virginia and Texas – if successful, the results could be catastrophic for America as a nation.

The documentary features many hard hitters, including conservative columnist Michelle Malkin who proclaimed, “Liberty-loving Americans: You MUST watch our film exposing how a small group of wealthy liberals overtook Colorado,” said Michelle Malkin, host of Rocky Mountain Heist.  “They used every scheme possible to impose a backward agenda and they transformed the place I love into a testing ground for their liberal ideology. Make sure it doesn't happen in your state next!”

The 10th District Court of Colorado luckily did not succeed in their quest to chill free speech and we are very anxious to share this revealing documentary with you. Please visit RockyMountainHeist.com and view the trailer uncovering how the state of Colorado was “fundamentally transformed” from Red to Blue.