Nate Beeler / Columbus Dispatch

To say Democrats have soured on President Obama would be an understatement. It has become abundantly clear in recent weeks that liberal candidates across the country have not been shy in their snubbing of Obama on the campaign trail. The only races Obama has been welcome to make appearances for are a handful of Governor’s races. To add insult to injury, last week, in deep-Blue Maryland while President Obama was addressing the crowd, the audience began to file out during his speech.  It happened yet again in Wisconsin this week.   Not a good sign when the President of the United States can’t keep a crowd in Democrat-friendly states.

Former Executive Director of the Democratic Governors’ Association Nathan Daschle put it this way, “In Senate races, voters are looking through the lens of federal politics, and voters are getting a president with the lowest approval of his presidency right now.” Not only is Obama at his lowest approval rating, but according to a CNN poll, nearly 7 in 10 Americans are angry with the direction of the country – a rating that all Americans would be quick to blame President Obama for.

President Obama will be making zero stops in battle ground states even though we are mere days away from the midterm elections.  Although Obama has attended lavish dinners with Hollywood A-listers and liberal elitist millionaires, raising money for the Democrat Party to supply the endless and stale attack ads this election season –  no candidate on the ballot wants him anywhere near them when it isn’t about raising money, but about gaining the trust and support of their state’s constituents.  America is facing crisis after crisis and desperately needs a leader to lead them.  Unfortunately for the nation, President Obama has been AWOL on that front and his approval rating, as well as the Democrat Party’s approval rating, has sunk into the abyss.  Americans need solutions, not a continuous stream of blame and bickering.

On Monday, Press Secretary Josh Earnest tried to put what can only be described as a naïve, optimistic spin on Obama’s anemic schedule stating, “Psyched, I think, is actually the word the President used” when he was asked about Obama’s thoughts on hitting the campaign trail. This is obviously just more smoke and mirrors coming from the Obama Administration. There is no way any President would be “psyched” to be uninvited to every battleground state days before a big election.

A few weeks ago, Obama proudly proclaimed “I am not on the ballot […] but make no mistake: these policies are on the ballot.” This statement encapsulates how detached from reality President Obama really is.  Americans are clearly rejecting Obama’s failed liberal agenda and either he doesn’t want to believe it, or worse, just doesn’t care.  Why would any Democrat candidate want to be associated with a President more interested in golfing than fixing the infinite list of horrific issues facing Americans at home and abroad? Obama’s “play it cool” disposition in every situation has finally caught up to him this election cycle, and as a consequence, his divisive partisan campaign speeches are unwelcome by Democrats and Republicans alike.