Eric Allie / Cagle Cartoons

A note to all the career politicians roaming the halls of Congress: our national debt crisis is not going away unless decisive action is taken.  As we breach yet another once-unfathomable milestone, this time it’s the $18,000,000,000,000 mark, we are reminded yet again that our leaders are addicted to spending and wasting taxpayer dollars.   Is there any hope for positive change with regard to our out-of-control budgeting habits during the last two years of the inept Barack Obama, or must we just pray that another economic meltdown doesn’t happen on his watch?   We’ll know soon enough whether or not the next Congress is ready to take control of the situation and have the courage to pass these much needed reforms for the sake of our future generations.

The big Republican majorities in the soon to be sworn in 114th Congress campaigned on fiscal responsibility across the board.  Speaker John Boehner and incoming Majority Leader Mitch McConnell  recently said, “Congress must take steps to pare back ‘a national debt that has Americans stealing from their children and grandchildren, robbing them of benefits that they will never see and leaving them with burdens that will be nearly impossible to repay.’”  Citizens United and our 500,000 members and supporters nationwide agree with this statement wholeheartedly.  Republicans must act on this central promise and seek to deliver real results when it comes to our nation’s financial mess, even if President Obama continues to deny reality.

I say let the reform bills pile up on Mr. Obama’s desk.  If he wants to veto every single one, so be it.  He can explain to the American people why our $18,000,000,000,000 national debt is not a pressing issue.  If Obama decides - as is expected - to continue in the direction of irresponsibility, he then will be blamed when America finally goes off the fiscal cliff.  But the Republican Congress must act boldly or become an accessory to this pending disaster.

It starts with the leadership in the U.S. House of Representatives.  Are they ready to take their robust majority out for a spin by driving and passing the conservative fiscal agenda they campaigned on?   Majorities exist to be put to use to enact the priorities of the American people, not to play prevent defense until the next election.  They should think big because I believe that most hardworking American taxpayers will respond positively.  How about passing an innovative budget on time that really cuts wasteful spending?  How about passing entitlement reforms that make sense?   And finally, what about pulling our sleeves up, working hard, and finally achieving a balanced budget amendment?

Those measures then move over to the new Republican-controlled Senate where I believe many will reach the necessary threshold to be sent down to the Oval Office for an executive decision.  Then it’s gut check time for Obama, the Democrat Party, and their 2016 nominee for president.   Do they stand for the failed status quo and the liberal special interests when it comes to our nation’s fiscal situation, or do they stand with the vast majority of Americans who want responsible action taken?  Time will tell.