Steve Sack / Minneapolis Star-Tribune

By David Bossie

The barbaric terrorists that make up ISIS -- the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria -- have murdered another American hostage, Kayla Mueller.

Its last victim, a Jordanian pilot, was locked in a cage and burned alive. Its first American victim, journalist James Foley, was beheaded and the video distributed around the world.

These acts of unimaginable evil will continue until ISIS is destroyed. As Edmund Burke once said “all that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” That couldn’t be more accurate of ISIS today. Their evil continue today because because good men and good nations have not gotten the policy right. The policy should be: acknowledge it, confront it and destroy it.

Barack Obama is one of those men. America is the nation who must lead the effort.

ISIS continues its march across parts of Syria and Iraq, waging a campaign of murder, terror, and rape against anyone, Muslim or non-Muslim, who stands in their way.

That President Obama refuses to step up puts that blood on his hands. His statements at the National Prayer Breakfast equating today’s radical Islam to the Crusades of the 1000 A.D. aren’t helpful for his credibility on the issue.

The question must be asked if we have truly forgotten the lesson of 9/11 -- that fanatical, well-funded terrorist groups are a threat to America and to international security. Al Qaeda disproved the conventional wisdom that these groups are a “local problem” and that America and other world powers shouldn’t do too much to disrupt or destroy them.

We should have learned better but it appears that Obama has not learned at all. He continues a small campaign of airstrikes and military advisors while lecturing us about the dangers of a larger military commitment.

What dangers? It seems he is worried more about not further angering ISIS terrorists than in protecting innocent Americans. He is wrong. America cannot afford to let ISIS continue its cancerous spread. Eventually, that terror will become an export, as it was for al Qaeda, and ISIS-trained jihadis will come back to their home countries.

We have already seen this problem in Europe, as ISIS-trained terrorists slaughtered French cartoonists in January. They will eventually infiltrate and attack America, just as al Qaeda did, if they are not stopped.

If President Obama does not act to stop ISIS that blood too will be on his hands. If he wants his presidency to be remembered as something other than a total failure he must act to stop ISIS in its tracks.

History will not judge him or America kindly if he allows more people to be murdered and the ISIS threat to continue to grow. If, God forbid, ISIS launches attacks on American soil the blame will lay solely with Barack Obama.

He cannot blame his inactions on anyone else, neither on Republicans in Congress nor on Washington dysfunction. His tired old excuses are useless. Everyone wants ISIS destroyed. Conservatives in Congress and conservative grassroots around America stand ready to support a serious effort to crush these terrorists before they reach our shores.

If President Obama won’t launch such a campaign he will have failed yet again. He will have failed to protect America. He will have failed to protect the innocent. He will have failed to protect your family and mine.