I listen to NPR almost exclusively when I’m working, mainly because the only stations I get on my radio in the studio are two NPR stations, a country music station and a religious station. NPR is the better of those choices.

I agree that public radio leans to the left, not as far as some conservatives like to think, but there could be more balance. I’d like to hear more interviews and debates with some of these conservatives out there who are thinking about running for president next year.

Rand Paul was on “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart” the other day and it was great. Paul was flogging his new book. He dodged and weaved and with his own words showed what a lightweight he is. I’d like to hear some more of that on NPR. Have some conservatives interview liberals, and don’t forget about the moderates.

I hate to be the voice of reason (we all know how unpopular that is these days) but if public stations are going to be funded by the taxpayers, it wouldn’t hurt to be more representative of the public. That seems fair to me.

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