A friend came over and we watched the Uconn women basketball team play Duke the other night. Boy, are we fans spoiled. Duke got within five points in the first half and we started to freak out. I hope that someday women’s college basketball will be as competitive as the men’s game. Someday, we women’s Uconn basketball fans will have to learn how to lose.




Now, on to other things, like “rock snot.” The front page of the print version of The Courant reported yesterday about the newest threat to Connecticut’s environment, a slimy, suffocating algae called “rock snot.” It’s real name is Didymosphenia geminata, or “didymo.” I prefer “rock snot.” I mean, how can I not do a cartoon about rock snot?




This algae coats the bottom of a river, or pond and kills the aquatic plants and bottom dwelling creatures like mollusks. These in turn are food for trout and other game fish. This algae has been found in the Farmington River, one of the more popular trout streams in the state.




I hope the state doesn’t try to fight rock snot by bringing in some creature that eats it. Then, before you know it, we’ll be overrun by that “cure” and have to bring in another creature to eat the creature who was supposed to eat the original creature.








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