I've seen an ad on TV a couple times. It features the Pond House Cafe in Elizabeth Park. The owner/manager/lessee/whover he is says that he gives his employees paid time off when they're sick because he doesn't want them to come to work and infect other employees, or the customers. That sounds reasonable. He does it because he's smart, compassionate, a good businessman, and wants to attract the best employees. In other words, he doesn't do it because it's the law!

This law/mandate/order/command/fiat to pass paid sick leave in Connecticut is a load of crapola. Employers and the marketplace should determine paid sick leave, not the god-awful state government. If the legislature passes this well-intentioned but ill conceived law, you can bet that those marginal restaurants around town barely hanging on will close their doors. They'll throw the minimum wage employees they have under the unemployment bus to nowhere, and let's face it. Underemployment is better than no employment, and that's what those poor folks will be looking at. Crime will go up, prisons will be overcrowded again, we'll have to build more prisons, which will lead to global warming, and the end of the world will happen sooner than we....wait a minute. I'm starting to sound like a lobbyist.

Let's just say I'm against mandated paid sick leave.