I knew it! I knew this would happen. Tuesday afternoon, I drew a cartoon about CL&P not getting power restored in a timely fashion, and Presto! We have power at my house as of Tuesday night at 7:30PM.

It's the same principle I use when it's been raining for five days in a row. All I have to do is draw a cartoon about the rain and, Presto! I'll wake up to a beautiful sunny day. Happens every time. I should've drawn my lack-of-electrical power cartoon on Monday!

I still say we have to return to Nikola Tesla (the early 20th century inventor of AC current and many other electrical platforms), and his miracle inventions that were no less important to modern life than the Apple computer and Microsoft programs. We have to match technologies between modern computing and its power source, electricity.

Tesla's work with wireless technology reflects the nature of the Internet. For instance, Tesla formed a partnership with J.P. Morgan to build a power plant on Long Island that would send power wirelessly (there's that word again -- WIRELESSLY), to people all over New York who would be able to draw on it for free, or maybe just a low service fee.

When Morgan found out about it, he withdrew his support. His famous quote: "If anyone can draw on the power, where do we put the meter?"