I'm a Clint fan. Well, I was until I found out he's a Republican. I'm joking. I didn't see his performance last night, but I heard plenty and saw plenty on the Internet the next day. Now I fear he's become a pathetic old man who wandered away from the home. Couldn't someone at least have combed his hair?

If I were an actor, I'd keep my politics to myself. Guys like Eastwood, Alec Baldwin and George Clooney who wear their politics on their sleeve don't do themselves any favors. Just because an actor likes a particular brand of politics doesn't mean squat. I've met plenty of actors and for the most part, they're empty vessels waiting to be told who to be.

I'll give Clint the benefit of the doubt and tell myself that he was talked into this debacle. Either that, or I'll blame it on the director.