Can I use cartoons from for Personal Use?


Any use of editorial cartoons requires a license from the artist who created the cartoon. Using cartoons in any way, for any reason without a license from the artist who created it is stealing from the artist. Saving images to your hard drive from our website is theft.


Sharing Features: We are entitled to and do grant users a limited license to distribute cartoons using Facebook, Twitter and other social networks under the condition that they use the sharing buttons on our site or that they link directly to our site using the recommended method of the social network.

Purchasing A License: If you are interested in obtaining a license to reprint (use) a cartoon you found on, we are able to provide licenses for cartoons available on only. Many of the contributors to are not licensed through Cagle Cartoons, Inc. and must be contacted directly or through their licensing agency. We have special accounts for users that want license reproduction rights available through our Heroes Program.



Can I use your cartoons on my blog or website?

Many people don’t understand that in order to use a cartoon on your website you must purchase a license unless you are using them for non-commercial educational purposes (e.g. Fair Use). Many but not all of the cartoons on are part of the Cagle Cartoons, Inc. syndication package. For details on which artists cartoons have licenses available for purchase you can visit http:/./

For cartoonists who are not part of the Cagle Cartoons, Inc. syndicate service, we recommend you contact them via their author information to find out how to best purchase their cartoons.

You can however share your cartoons with your friends by using one of our many social networking options available below each cartoon.

Can I mail you a contribution?

For those of you who want to contribute to our Hero funding campaign but don’t want to use our online payment service and would rather mail in a contribution;

You can send a check to:

Cagle Cartoons, Inc.
P.O. Box 22342
Santa Barbara, CA 93121

Make the check payable to Cagle Cartoons, Inc. Please include a slip with the amount of your check, your mailing address, phone and email so we can keep our records straight.

Also, you can register, for free at


Thank you for your valuable support. You are our Hero!

I contributed but I get the “Protected Content” page when I log in?

If you made a one-time contribution through our Heroes program via PayPal and your account has not been upgraded, please contact [email protected] and we will assist you as soon as possible. We had not anticipated accepting one-time donations. Our¬†registration process does not automatically grant Heroes benefits to one-time contributors. Due to the demand and volume of one-time donations, there is a delay in granting access privileges to those of you who contributed in this way.

If you are a subscriber to one of our Heroes campaign accounts and your account is current, you should not receive this message. Please contact [email protected] for help.