Making Sense, by Michael Reagan

Sheep and chickens.

That's what America's greatest corporations have become.

Whether it's in California or nationally, it's the same sad story.

America's best and biggest companies -- the banks, the energy corporations, the computer giants -- are refusing to stand up to the bully governments in Sacramento and D.C.

The men and women who run California's corporations know that high taxes, over-spending, excessive regulations and foolish energy policies have turned the state from one of the best states to do business in to one of the worst.

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But when bad law after bad law is passed in California, the corporations don't fight back, they cower or run.

Their executives are afraid to speak up, or buy ad time, or join with those of us who are trying to reverse the death spiral of a state that's been wrecked by four decades of Democrat misrule in Sacramento.

For example, I know that many business leaders support the "Citizen Legislature Act." That's the ballot initiative that, if it gets on the fall ballot, will give voters in California the chance to turn the state legislature into a part-time wrecking crew instead of a year-round one.

But many of the corporate execs in California are afraid to join the ballot initiative drive, which I chair, because they fear retaliation from Sacramento.

They have good cause to fear retaliation from the Democrats. But that's no excuse not to fight for what they know is right. Fighting is the only way they'll ultimately strip the Democrats of their power to retaliate.

We have the same problem nationally -- a flock of corporate chickens.

Why is it that the only voices we hear fighting against Washington are talk radio and Fox News?

Where are Exxon and Apple and Ford and Wells Fargo? Why aren't they standing up for what's left of free enterprise in America?

Imagine if Microsoft or Verizon or even Facebook spent just a pittance of their profits to fight against those who are slowly strangling the system that made their financial success possible.

Why aren't their CEOs pointing the finger of blame for our economic miseries where it belongs -- at the Obama administration?

Why aren't they blasting away at the liberals in Washington for their constant business bashing and attacks on the rich? They're afraid of retaliation from Washington. But again, the solution isn't to cower or run, it's to fight.

Unfortunately, California's sheepish companies would rather move to Nevada than stay and fight the Democrats in Sacramento. America's chicken companies would rather move their operations overseas than stay and fight Washington.

It's time corporations start standing up for themselves. Talk radio and Fox News' 4 million viewers can't save a bunch of sheep and chickens. No one can.

There's a scene in the "Avengers" movie where the people are told to kneel down to show their subservience to their ruler. But one brave man stood up and said he refused to kneel any longer.

That's what our businesses have to do if they are to survive. Get off their knees. Fight for what's right. They're not going to be saved by Captain America or Captain Romney or anyone else. They have to stand up and save themselves.


Michael Reagan is the son of President Ronald Reagan, a political consultant, and the author of "The New Reagan Revolution" (St. Martin's Press, 2011). He is the founder and chairman of The Reagan Group and president of The Reagan Legacy Foundation. Visit his website at, or e-mail comments to [email protected]

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