Monte Wolverton

Liberal democracy needs your help!

Local newspapers were once the backbone of news, opinion and political discourse in America and the world. Daily editorial pages provided dialogue and insight—along with the great, pointed visual commentary known as the political cartoon. Many papers continue this tradition—but things are changing fast!

Some newspapers have dropped editorial cartoons entirely. Others are overly cautious about the kind of editorial cartoons they print. Why? In contrast to text, editorial cartoons are instantly provocative. Publishers fear losing big corporate advertisers who may be uncomfortable with hard-hitting progressive content. Many editors, if they run editorial cartoons at all, tend to pick weak, non-partisan cartoons that don’t ruffle feathers. But that’s not the frank political discourse we need to confront today’s issues head on.

Editorial cartoons and freedom of the press are the bedrock of democracy. They distill complex issues, they raise awareness and they spark debate on urgent questions.

But beyond that—humor and parody have always been powerful weapons against the enemies of democracy. That’s why in authoritarian regimes, freedom of the press—and especially the biting satire of editorial cartoonists—are often the first things to go.

Right now, malevolent economic, social and political forces are at work to silence my colleagues and myself! They want me to retire my pen and take up bingo, crocheting or earwig farming. But NO! As long as I have the resources to keep going, I won’t quit!

That’s why I’m asking you to support my crucial work. Your generous contribution ensures that my progressive visual commentary will keep going strong.

Join scores of my forward-thinking supporters and donate now. It’s easy. And remember––every dollar you contribute to my work is an investment in the future of liberal democracy!

Monte Wolverton