It all boils down to this. From my perch in front of the slanted board, I want the Republicans to pick a candidate who will be fun to draw. I've drawn Palin and Romney and even Trump and they're not that much fun . I haven't tried Bachmann yet doesn't look that interesting. Then we've got Santorum and Pawlenty...well... maybe there's something there, I haven't tried them yet. I HAVE had A LOT of fun with Guiliani...a LOT of fun. He's got a great face and posture to fool around with but the chances of him being selected is pretty nil, I think, so we can forget about him. all comes down to Huckabee. I vote for Huckabee and his dopey face. OK OK... for you hecklers out there, I know I have a dopey face too but I'm not running for President so I don't get to draw me. Some of my friends have drawn me though and brother they have had a field day. As a matter of fact I've been drawing funny pictures of myself for years...and collecting those of others.

But...getting back to Huck, I can't wait to sink my lino cutter into that puss of his again. I sure hope he's the one and not that boring ol' Romney.