Every weekday on the Mickey Mouse radio network at 6:00 PM est right after Sean Hannity comes a guy who Hannity dubbed "The Great One". He blusters, he lectures, he screams, he scolds, he says the most outrageous things he can think of and yet no one ever talks about him. As far as I can remember, he was never mentioned on Keith Olbermann's show, he's never mentioned on Lawrence O'Donnell or on Rachel. I've never heard him mentioned on CNN. And yet all of the aforementioned constantly lambaste Hannity and Limbaugh...but not "The Great One".

It's sad. I sense that he really wants to be as famous and up front in the current news world as Rush and Sean and gosh he sure tries hard to accomplish that. He reaches for it. Each day he tries to outdo them. The Great One's ego seems to be on a par with the others. His arguments are the same. He rants with the same passionate nut-job rhetoric. He has the same guests...Rove, Newt, ad nauseum. He loves Sarah Palin and Bachmann as they do...and yet no one ever references him, no one ever quotes him, no one ever talks about him... no one ever mentions his name. It's a damn shame.

It's sad.