The thing that really galls me lately is that the Bush Gang are running around free and have never been punished for their crimes. The murder of thousands of American and Iraqui people is somehow ignored by the vast amount of the American public.

The one consolation is that Bush and Cheney can't really travel freely in the world anymore because people in other countries aren't as forgiving as we are and they take war crimes seriously. We have taken them seriously also in the past when it has come to prosecuting foreign war criminals but not our own.

When Obama and Eric Holder took office, I hoped something would have been done about this bunch. I think I recall Holder even hinting at an investigation. But it seems Obama wants to just forget about the past and move on. What must the rest of the world think of our turning a blind eye to our own criminals? We haven't held up our end of the bargain. Perhaps Obama fears the backlash from American parents who were deceived by their government and gave their children and husbands and wives to the debacle that was Iraq. And it continues.

Where's Tracy when you need him? On the other hand given the politics of Tracy's creator (who also was a friend of J. Edgar) he probably wouldn't be of any help either.