Nicole Hollander talks to the Chicago Tribune about creating her comic strip Sylvia for 30 years.

Syndicated cartoonist Matt Bors slams New York Post cartoonist Sean Delonas for one-too-many "Miracle on the Hudson" cartoon references.

The writers at Jezebel didn't like this cartoon by Belleville Globe Democrat cartoonist Glenn McCoy.

The Baseball Hall of Fame has requested an archival quality signed print of Mobile Press-Register cartoonist JD Crowe's "Obama #44" cartoon.

Garry Tyrrell discusses how to make a living through one's web site. [H/T - Comics Reporter]

And the Los Angeles Times is simultaneously cutting another 70 newsroom jobs and eliminating the 'local' section of the daily newspaper. At least that'll give them more time to produce quality material like this video "filmed" at the Sundance Film Festival: