The first issue of MAD magazine, printed in 1952 with a cover by Harvey Kurtzman.

The first issue of MAD magazine, printed in 1952 with a cover by Harvey Kurtzman.

What, me worry?

Just received word from long-time MAD Magazine cartoonist Tom Richmond that starting with issue #500 in April, the long-time humor magazine will shift to a quarterly publication schedule. It currently comes out monthly.

In addition, MAD Kids, the magazine's version for young readers, will cease publication, as will MAD Classics. Three full time MAD staffers are also being laid off.

“The feedback we've gotten from readers is that only every third issue of MAD is funny, so we've decided to just publish those," MAD Editor John Ficarra sarcastically commented to Newsarama.

MAD is part of DC Comics, which is owned by Time Warner Inc.'s Warner Bros. The entertainment giant plans to eliminate about 800 jobs, or about 10% of its staff. DC Comics also announced that it was laying off DC Senior Editor Bob Schreck and Subscriptions Manager Christine Sawicki.

MAD Magazine launched in 1952, founded by legendary EC Comics Publisher William Gaines and Editor Harvey Kurtzman, and has made fun of American life, culture and public figures ever since. It was the home to legendary comedians and cartoonists such as Kurtzman, Mort Drucker, Don Martin, Jack Davis, Wally Wood, and John Sevrin in its early years, and has influenced generations of artists.

Even Richard Nixon contributed to the pages of MAD Magazine, and he remains the only President credited with writing a MAD article.

"Obviously this is very sad news," Tom Richmond posted on his blog. "I’m a little too busy right now to write much about it, but needless to say I’ll be having a lot more free time in the future for blogging."