Taylor Jones is the latest cartoonist to join Daryl Cagle's blogroll. In his first post, he describes a fantastic illustration he did that appears in the Chicago Tribune with Barack Obama surrounded by several past presidents (and you can find out how a pair of shoes were eventually replaced with John Adams).

Nate Beeler's Barack Obama

Nate Beeler's Barack Obama

The New Yorker becomes the 596,473th magazine to feature Obama on it's cover, going with a painting of the President-elect in a powered wig by Drew Friedman.

Nate Beeler's caricature of Barack Obama made it to the cover of Sunday's Washington Examiner. [H/T - ComicsDC]

Daryl Cagle wrote a popular blog post about how to draw George W. Bush and sent it as a column to the Treasure Cost newspapers in Florida. Here's the edited column that appeared in the newspaper. As Cagle said, "ouch."

In 1962 the National Cartoonist Society of New York, which counted among its membership many of America's top cartoonists such as Rube Goldberg and Milton Caniff, went in front of the U.S. Senate to protest a proposed raise in postal rates for 2nd and 3rd class mail.

The Guardian (U.K.) cartoonist Steve Bell looks back at his years drawing George W. Bush.

Cul de Sac creator Richard Thompson previewed the inaugural parade in yesterday's Richard's Poor Almanac.

Amazing Spider-Man editor Steve Wacker stole the idea to feature Barack Obama on its cover from Erik Larsen, the creator of the comic book Savage Dragon, at least according to Erik Larsen.

And as today is Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday, celebrate with a great collection of cartoons by Cagle.com cartoonists.