Drew Litton
, the sports cartoonist for The Rocky Mountain News, weighs in at I Want My Rocky about the potential demise of the venerable Denver daily newspaper that he has worked for over 25 years:

The Rocky Mountain News is more than just a newspaper. It is a valuable piece of history. It’s a testament to the strong wills of the bold, brave adventurers who settled the American West. The Rocky Mountain News was there for the gold miners, the roughnecks, the cowboys and cattle barons who created and founded Denver. It was there when Baby Doe Tabor died alone guarding her husband’s silver mine in Leadville, when Molly Brown survived the Titanic. It was there when Pearl Harbor was attacked, John F. Kennedy was struck down by an assassin’s bullet that horrible day in November ‘63 and when men walked on the moon in ‘69. It is more than just print on a page. It is a part of Colorado. It is the thread that has been woven through the fabric this city for 150 years. And it’s hard to fathom Denver without it.

Drew Litton is a Cagle.com cartoonist. View more of his cartoons here.