On his blog, “This Modern World” cartoonist Tom Tomorrow is reporting that a month after laying off columnist Nat Hentoff, Village Voice Media, the owner of The Village Voice and a chain of alt-weeklies across the country, has suspended publication of all its syndicated cartoons.

“This still leaves me with eighty-odd papers, as well as Salon and Credo, so it’s not a fatal blow,” Tomorrow said on his blog.  “This Modern World” ran in 12 Village Voice Media’s newspapers across the country.

The Village Voice regularly uses several cartoonists’ work, including “Sutton Impact” by Ward Sutton and cartoons by Mr. Fish, Matt Bors, and many more.

“I’m a big fan, but unfortunately it’s one of those functions of a bad economy,” City Pages editor Kevin Hoffman told The Minnesota Independent. Cutting out syndicated comics, he added, is part of an effort to “trim where we can while inflicting the least damage — realizing that we’re already cutting bone.”

According to The Minnesota Independent, the belt-tightening now only affects network-wide cartoons. Other syndicated features — like Dan Savage’s “Savage Love” and Rob Brezsny’s “Free Will Astrology” — will continue to run.